About Me

My background

Grab a cup of coffee (or a beverage of choice!) … and let me share my story.  I am not known for making a long story short, but I promise I will do my best (because I want you to keep exploring my site, and what you find hopefully you will like!!).

I am a Minnesota born and raised girl, which probably explains why I remain here when the temperatures dip to -30.  Actually I stay here because every season brings a glimmer of a new beginning, and has its own beauty, its own personality; which creates a photographers dream background.

My vision

My husband and I…out touring the countryside

After being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2016, I rekindled my passion and love for photography and blogging, because (warning – this may get a little sappy here) they fill my spirit with joy and happiness.  One of my greatest pleasures is capturing a family interacting honestly and naturally.  Those loving glances, secret smiles, soft touches to a child’s back – the everyday interactions that flash by in a moment, and without the camera capturing them, they are forgotten.

Life changed after breast cancer, and the way I see those everyday moments is not the same as I used to.  Everyday presents struggles that may not have been there  before.  Through my writing, I hope others who have gone through the journey, or are in the midst of the journey (anyone else for that matter) can come here and find inspiration, motivation, and hopefully for a few moments feel some normalcy.

My life

Residing in Cushing, Minnesota with my husband of 27 years, my beloved “mutt” Harley, and the three cats; I spend my days (when I am not out chasing the light to capture that perfect photo!) crafting for my Etsy store, training dogs, or visiting our daughter who lives three hours away in Marshall.  I also love being outdoors, camping, riding the motorcycle with my hubby, music, and laughing as much and as often as I can. (There are some rumors that I am addicted to coffee, Salted Caramel Nut creamer, Honey Nut Cheerios, and a bit of a Disney Junkie.  I will let you figure out if that is true or not!)

My baby …. Harley
I look forward to meeting you and capturing your life kreatively!