Breast Cancer Resources

This page is a listing of breast cancer resources I have become aware of and and wanted to share.  If I have any personal connection with them, I have indicated that.  I have no affiliation with any of them, except to be involved as a participant.  Capture life kreatively my friends.  We’ve only got this one life!

ABCD Cancer Support

ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis) Cancer Support is an organization out of Milwuakee, Wisconsin whose mission is to connect a peer mentor to someone newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  They have an extensive matching process that includes type of cancer, age, procedures undergone, etc.  I have been a mentor with them for the past year and have been able to provide reassurance, comfort, and normalcy to several other breast cancer fighters.

III Bosom Buddies Foundation

The IIIB’s Foundation is dedicated to providing comfort to women recovering from breast cancer mastectomy surgery by providing our Bosom Buddy Baskets filled with valuable resources and recovery items to ensure no woman faces breast cancer alone.

Basket of products to assist with the care and comfort of someone undergoing a mastectomy. Variety of different products, wrapped in cellophane, with a pink bow tied at the top.
Bosom Buddy Basket

I do not have any connection with this organization, but came across them from a Facebook posting.  The baskets look wonderful, and I am in love with the idea.  Please consider researching them more and if you desire, contribute to their mission.

Facebook Groups

Triple Negative Cancer Sisters

This group is a closed group on Facebook.  However, if you search for it you should be able to find it and request joining.  This group is specifically for individuals who have been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  I unfortunately did not find this group until after most of my treatment was done, however, they have been an incredibly supportive, caring, and loving group to be a part of.  (If you have no luck finding them, contact me and I will extend an invitation to you.)

Beyond the Pink Moon

This group is also a closed group only for individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  This group is designed for anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, whether a man or woman.